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    Home > About Us > Management System

    About Us

    • Quality System Certification
    • Environment System Certification
    • Policies of Quality Environment

    1.   Quality policies

      Excellent equipment:
      To introduce advanced world standard facilities; digest and absorb advanced technologies continuously; perfect the disposition of facilities of the enterprise; guarantee the production of precision stainless steel strip.
      Superb technique:
      To introduce and develop state-of-the-art technologies for rolling stainless steel strip precisely; adopt computer information system to manage production operations of the enterprise; manufacture products of high tech and high additional value.
      Elaborate operation:
      To retain the enthusiasm all the time for pursuing perfection; heighten operational skills of posts continuously; advocate self-transcendence; establish STAL brand; meet and surpass customers’ expectations.
      Faithful service:
      To reflect customers’ requests based on contract management; attain customers’ requirements based on procedure control; meet customers’ desires based on service management; realize satisfaction of customers and development of the enterprise facing the market full of competition.
      Constant improvement:
      To take innovation as the motive force of the development of the enterprise; take the brilliance as the state that the enterprise seeks; escalade the new high point of stainless steel strip industry unshakably for always being in the world leading position.

        Environmental Policies

      Observe laws and regulations of environmental protection:
      To observe laws and regulations of environmental protection and other requirements related to production operation management activities of the enterprise.
      Promote education for environmental protection:
      To enhance to educate and train all the personnel for environmental protection; heighten their environmental protection awareness, participating consciousness and sense of social responsibility; build graceful and harmonious working environment.
      Seek scientific and technical progress; pursue cleansing in production; improve performances continuously:
      To promise to persist in adopting advanced technologics; combine environmental management closely with production operation management activities; prevent and control pollution in the overall process; save natural resources; gain the utilization rate of energies; reduce trashes; improve environmental performances continuously.
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